Band Of Brothers: Where To Spot Tom Hanks’ Cameo

Band of Brothers’ executive producer Tom Hanks has a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo as a British soldier in the episode that he directed.

Tom Hanks may not have had a starring role in Band of Brothers like he did in Saving Private Ryan, but he can still be spotted in a cameo role midway through the miniseries. Hanks produced the World War II miniseries with Steven Spielberg, and it aired on HBO in 2001 to great critical acclaim.

Band of Brothers features a number of actors who are now stars, but were little-known at the time: James McAvoy plays an Easy Company replacement called James Miller; Tom Hardy plays Private John Janovec towards the end of the series; and Michael Fassbender appears throughout as Technical Sergeant Burton Christenson. As well as being an executive producer and creator of the miniseries, Hanks also directed episode 5, “Crossroads,” and his son Colin Hanks plays Lieutenant Henry Jones.

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Tom Hanks’ cameo is midway through “Crossroads,” after Easy Company has been tasked with rescuing 130 Red Devils (a British Army parachute regiment) who have been trapped by German forces. Hanks doesn’t have any lines, but he can be seen among the crowd of Red Devils in the scene where the brigadier general is giving a toast to Easy Company’s heroics.

Band of Brothers Tom Hanks Cameo

Hanks and Spielberg went on to produce the 2010 Band of Brothers companion series The Pacific, which is also set during World War II and focuses on the United States Marine Corps’ battles in the Pacific Theater. This year they began production on a third series, Masters of the Air, which will focus on the “bomber boys” of the American Eighth Air Force. The show’s cast includes Callum Turner, Austin Butler, Barry Keoghan and Freddy Carter. Cary Joji Fukunaga will direct the first three episodes of the miniseries.

Two decades on, Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers are still regarded as two of the best and most immersive depictions of World War II on film, and it’s a period of history that Hanks has a deep interest in. Last year he wrote and starred in the movie Greyhound, playing a U.S. Navy commander who is tasked with leading an Allied convoy across the Atlantic, only to find the convoy being pursued by German U-boats.

Hanks is once again staying behind the camera for Masters of the Air rather than starring in it, but it may well be worth keeping an eye on the background when the show releases – just in case he sneaks in for another cameo.

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