Bashaud Breeland gives his side of incident with Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings abruptly released cornerback Bashaud Breeland on Saturday, with reports indicating that an altercation at practice led to the decision. From Breeland’s perspective, the whole thing was “blown out of proportion.”

Breeland told USA Today’s Josina Anderson that he had a verbal exchange with a coach during a pre-practice meeting. However, the veteran cornerback did not feel that it was significant enough to carry over to the practice field. Breeland declined to name the coach he had the disagreement with, saying only that it was not head coach Mike Zimmer.

According to Breeland, he was pulled out of practice despite being ready to take part. He then said an unnamed player came up to him and greeted him, but when Breeland responded with a nod, the player asked “That’s all I get?”

“I was like, ‘Bro, I’m not trying to be a distraction. Just let me get on the move. I’m good,’” Breeland said. “Then, it escalated out of nowhere.”

Breeland claimed the player charged at him “like he wanted to fight,” at which point Zimmer intervened.

“That’s when the general manager stepped in on the field,” Breeland said. “I feel like Zimmer came over there, saw confusion and just kicked me out. I feel like Zimmer was already feeling some kind of way because I wasn’t practicing. I said, ‘If I’m not being cut or released I shouldn’t have to leave practice.’”

Breeland said general manager Rick Spielman told him that he would not travel with the team, but would “resume on Tuesday.” His agent then informed him that the Vikings had released him.

The picture Breeland paints is one of a player who was trying to mind his own business and more or less got accosted by a teammate. It’s hard to believe Breeland would be cut for that, and it certainly does not match what was reported to have happened.

The 29-year-old cornerback had started 13 games for Minnesota prior to his release. He was in his first season with the team.

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