Batman Was Just Humiliated By Two DC Heroes

Batman was just tricked into making a fool of himself in a hilarious scene from the newest issue of Batman: The Animated Series Continue.

Warning! Spoilers for Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two #1 by DC Comics below.

In a comic continuation of Batman: The Animated Series, Batman has to track down Deadman in order to search for answers to a mysterious murder – but along the way, he just got embarrassed by the dead hero and Zatanna. With the Court of Owls emerging in Gotham City, Batman is tasked with locating the mysterious organization and solve the murder of Mayor Hill. His path leads him directly to Deadman.

Batman: The Adventures Continue continues the animated adventures of the Dark Knight, with Paul Dini, Alan Burnett, and Ty Templeton teaming up to tell new adventures set in the groundbreaking universe of Batman: The Animated Series. The digital comic just launched its second season, which finds Batman on the case of the Court of Owls, who are responsible for the murder of Mayor Hamilton Hill and the attack of Veronica Vreeland’s father. When Batman encounters Talon, he admits to seeing a ghost in Boston Brand, which leads the Caped Crusader to Zatanna for help.

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In Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two #1 by Burnett, Dini, Templeton, and Monica Kubina, Bruce Wayne pays a visit to Zatanna. He tells her that the ghost of Boston Brand, a high-flying former circus performer who was murdered during his act, is trying to help him solve the murder. As the hero Deadman, Brand is able to possess the bodies of any living being. Zatanna agrees to help him and gives him an amulet that he needs to put on his head. In order to see Deadman, Zatanna emphasizes he’ll need to believe in the magical artifact. The scene cuts to Batman sitting atop a building with the amulet tied to his head.

Batman The Adventures Continue

After two hours, Batman scoffs that there’s got to be another way to contact Brand. When a voice corrects him revealing it’s only been one hour, Batman asks “if he’s been here all this time.” Deadman appears and says he had to make sure he was a believer and that he looked “kind of cute sitting like that.” He agrees to help Batman “pluck some owls.”

While the amulet worked and Batman was able to see Deadman, Zatanna put him in a hilarious position in order to make sure he could see the dead hero. Meanwhile, Deadman watched over him, making him sit in the ridiculous pose before emerging from the shadows – as he was there the whole time. While Batman sat in the silly pose for good reason, he ultimately was embarrassed by Deadman and to a lesser extent, Zatanna. Imagine if someone on the streets of Gotham looked up and saw Batman meditating with an amulet wrapped around his head? Luckily, it seems Deadman was the only one who caught the hilarious moment. Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two #1 is in stores now.

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