BeHear PROXY neck speaker delivers high-quality sound from any Bluetooth-enabled source » Gadget Flow

Experience clearer, high-quality sound with the BeHear PROXY Bluetooth neck speaker. This wearable device brings sound closer to your ears for a more personal listening experience. Great for those who are hard of hearing or simply for enabling a private listening session, it’s comfortable to wear. In fact, its lightweight form factor sends audio through the speakers to your shoulders, keeping your ears free to engage with your surroundings. Moreover, the BeHear PROXY connects to any Bluetooth-enabled source for maximum versatility. This includes your smartphone, computer, gaming gadget, TV, and more. So instead of turning up the TV volume to the maximum, this speaker delivers rich stereo sound inches from your ears. Finally, it supports low-latency aptX, allowing for enhanced audio-video synchronization without any lip-sync issues.

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