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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Relationship Timeline

If there is any proof that love can thrive a second time around, it is undoubtedly Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s romance. The two were once the It couple of the early 2000s and arguably inspired the trend of celebrity couple names when they were dubbed “Bennifer” by fans. The pair unfortunately split in January 2004, meaning their whirlwind relationship only lasted two years. But true love never goes away, and the lovebirds have managed to find their way back to one another 20 years later.

Bennifer is back in full force, with Lopez recently announcing on April 9 that the pair are once again engaged. From their initial sparks on the set of the movie “Gigli” to rekindling their romance in 2021, here’s all you need to know about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship timeline.

Additional reporting by Alicia Geigel.

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