BenQ’s 144Hz, 1440p Monitor With HDRi and Soundbar is $399

BenQ’s 144Hz, 1440p Monitor With HDRi and Soundbar is 9

Just because a monitor doesn’t hit 4K or use OLED doesn’t mean it can’t be one of the best gaming monitors. Take the BenQ EX2780Q, which doubles as one of the best gaming monitor deals right now thanks to an Amazon sale that drops its price to $399. This is an IPS display with a 1440p resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, but it also sets itself apart with a high quality built-in soundbar and “HDRi,” which senses the light levels in your room to adjust the monitor’s picture.

BenQ EX2780Q: was $499, now $399 at Amazon
This 1440p, 27-inch BenQ monitor has a 144Hz refresh rate and an IPS screen, but that’s far from all it offers. Its built-in soundbar has strong bass thanks to a 5W subwoofer, and its HDR sensor uses your room’s light levels to adjust the screen’s picture. This monitor even has a remote with a holder in the base.View Deal

We got some hands-on time with this monitor at a show floor about a year ago, where we were impressed by the HDRi’s ability to keep bright scenes from getting washed out, which is a common problem with regular HDR. The effect wasn’t as beneficial for us in dark scenes, although we also praised the monitor’s 2.1 channel speaker and 5W subwoofer for maintaining max volume without distortion.

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