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Bentley Continental GT Convertible, Most Driver-Focused of the Range

The continental range from Bentley has been regarded as one of the most eponymous vehicles that deliver extraordinary results in every aspect, from design to performance and from speed to experience. The British marque has now added another gem to its crown with the ultimate, open-top Grand Tourer – the Continental GT Speed Convertible! Synonymous with excellent speed, performance, and design this performance-orientated Speed model is the most powerful, driver-focused interpretation of the benchmark convertible Grand Tourer.

The third-generation Continental GT Speed Convertible features an enhanced version of Bentley’s renowned 6.0-litre W12 TSI engine, delivering an outstanding and increased 659 PS (650 bhp), 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.7 seconds), and a top speed of 208 mph (335 km/h).

Continental GT Speed Convertible

“The new Speed is the most driver-focused Continental GT Convertible available and unique in its ability to offer extremely refined, all-season open-top Grand Touring with the added edge of astonishing performance and dynamism.”, said Chris Craft, Member of the Board for Sales and Marketing at Bentley Motors. “Combined with exquisite, handcrafted interior details, the Continental GT Speed Convertible exemplifies all Bentley knows about creating the world’s most stylish and elegant cars for roof-down motoring.” he continued.

Continental GT Speed Convertible

New Technologically-Advanced Chassis

The Bentley Convertible and Coupe are equipped with the third generation GT Speed Convertible unrivaled control and accuracy and inspire confidence even further. With this, Bentley says, the agility, performance, and ride quality of the grand tourer has been stretched to new levels. This innovative system features powerful electric motors within each anti-roll bar to resist body roll. In their firmest setting, the motors can deliver 1300 Nm in 0.3 secs to counteract cornering forces and keep the body level.

Continental GT Speed Convertible

The new chassis consists of three-chamber active air suspensive with adaptive damping that enhances the car balance providing it a strong foundation. The customers can also opt for the recently developed Carbon Ceramic Brakes, Variable Electronic Stability Control, All Wheel Steering, and an Electronic Limited Slip Differential. To achieve this philosophy in Bentley and COMFORT mode, overall grip is balanced between the front and rear wheels, in SPORT this mode has been calibrated with a more rear-biased torque–split in all driving scenarios.

Continental GT Speed Convertible

Muscular on the outside exquisite on the inside

A statement of true sporting purpose, the new Continental GT Speed Convertible effortlessly blends style with performance intent. The bold presence of the world’s finest open-top Grand Tourer has been enhanced even further with unique detailing. With a Dark Tint radiator grille and lower bumper grille, combined with Speed sports sills, a Dark Tint radiator matrix, and discreet Speed badging on the front fender. Unique, 22” Speed wheels are offered in matching Dark Tint, with the choice of Bright Silver or Black Gloss finish.

Continental GT Speed Convertible

The roof of the Continental GT Speed Convertible has over seven exterior roof colors including a contemporary interpretation of traditional British tweed. The unique Z-fold convertible roof system is the most advanced of its kind along with an astonishing speed of just 19 seconds to deploy or stow, even when the car traveling at speeds of up to 30 mph (50 km/h).  The interior roof liner finishes have eight finishes ranging from New Red to Magnolia.

However, the Convertible’s luxurious interior is fully revealed to the world when the roof is lowered. From details like the using diverse range of color split trim in hiding and Alcantara for the steering wheel and Speed insignia to choose from or the diamond quilting and Speed embroidered headrests hint at the performance characteristics of the most potent Continental GT Convertible. A neckwarmer (which is both warmer and quieter than in the previous generation model), is seamlessly integrated into the heated and vented Comfort Seats ensuring the passengers have a comfortable journey.

Continental GT Speed Convertible

Effortless Performance

The new Continental GT Speed Convertible combines high-performance with elegance and luxury. Power is supplied by an uprated version of Bentley’s imperious 6-litre W12 TSI engine, delivering an outstanding 659 PS (650 bhp) – an increase of 24 PS – and a remarkable 900 Nm (664 lb. ft) of torque. Such power results in a 0-60 mph time of 3.6 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.7 seconds) and a top speed of 208 mph (335 km/h).

Continental GT Speed Convertible

This is most noticeable in SPORT driving mode, where the twin-turbocharged W12 has been tuned to keep the engine in the powerband longer by up-shifting later, or downshifting earlier. This creates a more eager response to driver requirements.

The dual-clutch, eight-speed transmission shift is twice as fast in SPORT mode as in the standard W12 model, befitting a model that takes its place as the performance pinnacle of the Continental GT range. This combines with a greater exhaust character during start-up and gear downshifts.

We eagerly wait to see the future developments of the Continental GT Convertible and experience it!

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