Best Chia Plotting PC Builds: What You Need to Farm Chia Coin

For better or worse, the practice of crypto mining has been surging for the last few months, leading to massive graphics card shortages, especially for the best mining GPUs. So, if you want to mine Ethereum or Dogecoin and don’t already have the hardware, you’ll likely need to pay scalper prices which, according to our GPU price index, are often two to three times the MSRP.

However, Chia Coin is a different beast as this up-and-coming crypto currency doesn’t require a GPU at all, instead relying heavily on storage. As we explain in further detail in our article on how to farm Chia Coin, instead of “mining,” you build ~100GB “plots” on a PC, using the power of CPU, RAM and high-speed SSDs. Then you copy the plots to hard drive(s) that have the plots on them connected to the Internet 24/7 and wait for them to be chosen as the solution to a Chia Coin block. 

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