Biden’s approval rating in a downhill skid on everything from the economy to COVID-19

President Biden’s approval rating continues to drop as voters give him poor marks on his handling of the economy, jobs, immigration and the pandemic, according to a new poll released Wednesday.

Overall, 53% of respondents disapproved of Mr. Biden’s performance in the White House, while only 43% approved and 4% said they did not know or had no opinion, revealed the survey by Morning Consult and Politico

Mr. Biden’s weakest performance was on the economy, with only 17% of participants saying they “strongly approve” of how he’s handled it. Meanwhile, 40% said they “strongly disapprove” of how the president has managed the economy.

The economy, wages, taxes, jobs and unemployment were the top issues among 43% of respondents.

Mr. Biden is struggling to get a foothold amid rising inflation, unrelenting COVID-19 outbreaks and divisions among his Democrats in Congress that have derailed his agenda.

When it came to Mr. Biden’s handling of jobs, only 19% strongly approved of his performance, while 34%strongly approved, according to the poll.

The economy is expected to be a big issue for Mr. Biden as his party heads into a tough election year. Consumer prices are rising and voters are spending more to put food on the table and fill their cars with gas.

On immigration, 12% of participants said they strongly approved Mr. Biden’s performance, while 34% said they strongly disapproved.

Mr. Biden performed better among voters for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic but he was still underwater. Overall, 24% of participants said they strongly approved of his performance on the pandemic and 35% disapproved.

It was the second survey this week to underscore Mr. Biden’s poor approval ratings.

An NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist poll released Monday found that Mr. Biden’s overall approval rating is 41% compared to 55% who disapproved of his performance.


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