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Do you often wake feeling like you haven’t slept? And do you lack motivation during the day? Then the BIOS SkyView wellness table lamp might be everything you need. This home accessory merges beauty with wellness to deliver an array of health benefits such as increasing alertness and boosting your mood. It can even promote a better night’s sleep, strengthen your circadian rhythm, and much more. This is all possible thanks to the 4 programmable modes—Sunrise, Daytime, Sunset, and Night—which emulate natural lighting to help you transition from day to night. Therefore, this wellness table lamp helps you to unwind and feel energized at the right times. In particular, the Sunrise mode helps you to wake feeling refreshed. And the Sunset mode uses violet-blue light to create calmness to a deeper night’s sleep. Overall, make a difference to your well-being by making simple adjustments.

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