Blacklake XT-1 Development And Production Timeline

It’s always nice when fans and customers have access to a development timeline for a product they’re excited about. Thankfully, Blacklake Research and Development has been kind enough to post a timeline on their website, giving fans insight into what events the buffed-up Chevrolet Silverado will be—giving them a chance to see the fantastic truck with their own eyes. Additionally, the timeline is helpful for future owners that just can’t wait to get their supercharged Chevrolet Silverado, officially known as the Blacklake XT-1.

Blacklake XT-1: Development Timeline

The Blacklake XT-1 Development Timeline started in October 2021 when the supercharged Chevrolet Silverado was revealed at Action Water Sports in Fenton, Michigan. The truck then appeared at the 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas when the vehicle started to get significant attention. Fast-forwarding to April 2022, the truck underwent testing in Mears, Michigan, specifically the Silver Lake State Park ORV Area. The exciting new truck underwent an evaluation and a photoshoot on the sand dunes at Silver Lake.

Blacklake XT-1

The month of May will see Blacklake heading to the Government and Fleet Expo (GFX) and Conference at Huntington Place/ Cobo. in Detroit. It will mark the official release of the Align-Lock product and display at the GFX show. Fans can visit them at Booth 731 to experience the benefits of Align-Lock on their interactive display. June will see the company heading to California as one of the XT-1 trucks will be used as a camera truck for the Longtail 2022 Spring supercar rally, which starts in San Francisco and ends in Scottsdale, Arizona. Additionally, the truck will receive evaluation and fine-tuning in Johnson Valley, California, and attend the West Coast Media event.

July is the month that customers should be excited about as that is when Blacklake will begin production for the first customer XT-1 trucks, which start at $200,000 USD. The specific date is unclear, but buyers have plenty of reason to get excited. That should still give people plenty of time to take their super trucks into the wild and have fun before winter.

Blacklake XT-1 Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Magnuson Supercharger Supercharged Chevrolet Silverado

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