Blizzard employee will detail studio’s ‘alcohol-soaked culture’ in press conference

Lisa Bloom, the celebrity lawyer who represented Bill O’Reilley’s, Donald Trump’s, and Bill Cosby’s sexual assault accusers, as well as once advising Harvey Weinstein in his sexual assault case, has announced that she will be holding a press conference on behalf of one of the survivors involved in the numerous sexual assault, harassment, and discrimination allegations against Activision Blizzard.

The press conference, announced today in a press release from Bloom’s firm, will take place at Blizzard’s Irvine, California, headquarters and feature a statement from the victim.

According to the press release, the woman is a current employee at Blizzard Entertainment and will “describe the alcohol-soaked culture of sexual harassment […] and the retaliation she experienced after she reported the sexual harassment.”

Though numerous people have spoken out about their experiences at the company, this press conference will be the first time a current employee has publicly come forward. The press conference will be streamed at 12PM ET Wednesday, December 8th, on Lisa Bloom’s Instagram account.

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