Bloodborne’s Cut Cleric Beast Shortcut Door Restored By Modder

A truly dedicated Bloodborne modder has successfully restored a useful shortcut, located behind the Cleric Beast, that was cut from the game.

An insightful Bloodborne modder has restored a cut shortcut that was originally located behind the game’s Cleric Beast boss. The action role-playing game, developed by Dark Souls creator FromSoftware, was released back in 2015. Bloodborne is set in the gothic city of Yharnam, a location overridden by a horrific plague and overseen by even more terrifying forces.

Bloodborne was released more than five years ago, but a dedicated modding community has successfully kept the gothic horror title alive. Content that was cut from the final version of Bloodborne, such as a terrifying Great One Beast boss fight, has been revived by dedicated modders. The fabled Great One Beast was discovered within Bloodborne‘s files back in 2018, but fans were unable to see or face off against the monster until a modder brought it to life in September 2020. A modder named Foxy Hooligans painstakingly recreated the bosses’ model and move-set, eventually bringing the foe to life in glorious fashion. It seems they are not alone.

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As reported by Eurogamer, a modder has successfully restored a Bloodborne shortcut door that was cut before the game’s release. The infamously useless door, located behind the game’s early Cleric Beast boss, serves to connect the game’s Central Yharnam and Cathedral Ward areas. Modder and YouTuber Garden of Eyes has successfully restored the door, making it a functional shortcut between the two locations. Garden of Eyes will soon release a mod that will allow any Bloodborne players to make use of the passage to this notorious cut content.

While many modders work to restore content that was cut from Bloodborne, others seek to completely redesign the FromSoftware classic. YouTuber and game designer Lilith Walther is working on a PlayStation 1 “demake” of Bloodborne which reconstructs the 2015 title in a much older style. The demake uses blocky textures, which harken back to classic PS1 games such as Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil, but the fast-paced gameplay of Bloodborne is otherwise recreated faithfully.

While many of FromSoftware’s games are beloved by the video game community, Bloodborne holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers. The mysterious and gothic action role-playing game possesses deep and fascinating lore, and this lore is only heightened by the presence of hidden and cut content. Along with the Garden of Eyes, another Bloodborne modder restored the lost Snake Ball boss. The Cleric Beast shortcut has long perplexed scholars of Bloodborne lore, and Garden of Eyes has successfully solved this long-running mystery.

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Source: Eurogamer, Garden of Eyes/YouTube

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