Bluetti AC200MAX & B230 Combo power station boasts a maximum capacity of 4,096 Wh » Gadget Flow

Have power wherever you go with the Bluetti AC200MAX & B230 Combo power station. Boasting up to 2,048 Wh, the AC200MAX has a lithium iron phosphate battery with a lifecycle of 3,500+ to 80%. Moreover, this setup has up to 4,096 Wh of power that you can use for your camping gear, off-the-grid adventure, and more. Expandable with up to 2 battery modules, it provides up to 6,144 Wh when you have two B230s. Or you can get an incredible 8,192 Wh with two B300s. Additionally, it has a 2,200W pure sine wave AC inverter with a surge of 4,800W. And, it offers a to 900W solar input rate and 500W adapter input for 1,400W in total. Beyond all of these offerings, it connects to an app for convenient remote control and monitoring.

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