BMW Announces Post-Holiday Price Hike

Happy holidays! Happy new year! Welcome to 2023! Now fork over more for that BMW you want.

BMW is upping its prices from 1.2 percent to 4 percent across its model range, according to a report from a source on one of our corporate parent’s forums.

Yes, I know, anonymous sources on forums are impossible to vet. So you can take this with a grain of salt, maybe even a whole canister of Morton’s, if you want. If the news is true, though, you can expect the MSRP of a top-line 7-Series to jump by $2,800.

The entire list of price increases is here, and the smallest jump looks like $500 for an X1 xDrive, with the aforementioned $2,800 leap for the 7-Series being the biggest hike.

One of my biggest beefs with BMW lately has been that the cars feel bloated when one drives them. It appears that the prices are bloating, too.

[Image: BMW]

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