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Wear your clothes with confidence when you have the Bosch FreshUp innovative fabric refresher. This handy gadget boasts Bosch’s Plasma Technology. This technology releases active plasma particles to dissolve odor molecules that cling to fabrics. Simply press the gadget onto dry fabric and wipe to remove unpleasant smells. Meanwhile, the lights clearly indicate when the plasma is active. What’s more, you can use the FreshUp for up to 60 minutes before it needs a recharge. Then, in 3–4 hours, it’s ready again. This useful gadget is great for getting extra mileage out of clothing that’s clean but might have absorbed some scent from your steak dinner. In fact, it removes smoke, body odor, food smells, and more. It’s also helpful for travel when you might not have access to a washer and dryer. Moreover, FreshUp also works on delicates, dry-clean-only items, stuffed animals, and decorative items.

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