Bosch spexor wireless security alarm detects intrusions and also measures air quality » Gadget Flow

Protect pretty much any space in your life with the Bosch spexor wireless security alarm. It’s merely 4.7 inches tall, so you can take it anywhere. And, more than just a portable security system, it also measures the air quality in the room that it’s in. All it needs to operate is a Wi-Fi or mobile network connection, and it’ll inform you if there’s an air quality or security issue. It measures gases, warns you of frost and overheating situations, and more by scanning the surrounding environment using high-quality sensors. Moreover, it detects intrusions by evaluating sensors like noise, motion, and air pressure. So, if any of its sensors detect something irregular, they’ll let you know. Furthermore, one thing that’s awesome about it is that its battery lasts up to 3 weeks on a full charge.

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