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BAREILLY: The final scene of the play Shivam, 9, and his friends were rehearsing for Independence Day celebrations was Bhagat Singh’s hanging. Shivam found a rope, tied a noose around his neck and played the part. But his feet slipped off the stool he was propping himself up on. He died within minutes.
It was Thursday afternoon, at Babat village in UP’s Budaun. Shivam was home with his younger brother and sister, and his parents were out working on their paddy fields. He home to play with the kids in his village.
Independence Day was approaching. “They decided to put on a play for the occasion,” Shivam’s uncle Vinod Kumar said. It would be one on Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev, executed by the British colonial administration for killing British police official John Saunders.
When the execution scene had to be enacted, Shivam looked for a rope. The swing would do, he thought, and brought a stool to climb on. He took the swing’s rope, fashioned a noose out of it and put it round his neck. But at some point, his feet went off the stool. He struggled to breathe, as his friends thought he was just acting.
In February last year, a 12-year-old boy from Mandsaur in MP had also been accidentally hanged when he was trying to re-enact the execution scene from a school play.

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