Brits could get up to £2,500 fine for parking cars wrong way round at night

Drivers in the UK know that there are lots of mistakes that can land you with points on your license or even large fines – from speeding to not securing your pet.

But, even the most staunch Highway Code user is bound to miss an unusual rule or two and we’ve discovered one that applies to your parking.

And, if you break the little known law then you could end up with a New Year ruining fee.

It all has to do with how you park your car and, specifically, the direction you choose to park in.

WhatCar told MyLondon that it doesn’t matter which direction you park your vehicle in during the day, but that things change at night.

When it’s dark, drivers are actually banned from parking their cars against the direction of traffic unless there’s a marked out parking space already in place.

According to Rule 248 of the Highway Code which states that “a car must not be parked at the side of the road facing against the direction of traffic unless in a recognised parking space” you could be breaking the law.

This is because parking against the flow of traffic means that the reflectors on the car won’t be caught by the lights on approaching motors.

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And, that could be extremely dangerous and even lead to crashes.

If cars are parked in the same direction as traffic then it will be illuminated by the rear reflectors.

The offence carries a massive fine of £1,000 – not what families need after Christmas – and if you drive an eight-seater this rockets to around £2500.

So take care when parking or you could end up with an enormous financial penalty.

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