Brits in foodie debate after arguing over flavours on wedding crisp wall

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Everyone has differing tastes when it comes to their big day. Some people opt for extravagance whilst others prefer a more low key wedding.

Regardless of taste, people often want their day to be memorable.

And, it seems a new foodie trend has been started in the UK. Forget donut and Prosecco walls, one Reddit user was stunned when they came across a wedding “crisp wall”.

They titled the post: “A crisps wall for a wedding? I’ll take three!”

A picture of a three panelled crisp wall was attached to the post, which included what was thought to be some of the fan favourite potato snacks.

However, the creative decoration has caused a bit of a stir on the online forum as people were not satisfied with the choice of crisps on offer.

In true Brit style, the comment section quickly erupted into a foodie fuelled debate over the selection of crisp flavours.

One person commented: “Very questionable choices in place I must admit!”

Another user added: “No monster munch!?”

Whilst a third person stated: “No T-bone roysters either, what a joke.”

Someone else shared: “Far too many walkers roast chickens on there, poor late comers are gonna be devastated.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person said: “No Hula Hoops? It’s a f***ing travesty.”

However, some people decided to stay out of the crisp debate and questioned why the wall was there in the first place.

One user said: “Plot twist: That was the wedding dinner.”

Another person commented: “I don’t understand it but I like it.”

Someone else joked: “I’m divorced, but part of me wants to get married again just so I could do this.”

Let us know in the comments what crisps you would have chosen for the wall!

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