Budget & Mainstream Friendly AMD B650 Motherboards Prices Revealed, Starting at $199 US

The very first AMD B650 motherboards from MSI have been listed by US retailer, B&H, with prices starting at just $199 US.

AMD B650 Motherboards Listed Online With Prices Starting at Just $199 US For Budget-Friendly Ryzen 7000 PCs

One of the main reasons why most PC gamers and users are reluctant to upgrade to AMD’s Ryzen 7000 CPUs yet is due to the platform cost. Currently, there are only X670E & X670 chipset boards available on the market which are mostly priced above $300 US and you also have to factor in the cost of buying a good DDR5 memory kit. With that said, AMD will be introducing its B650E & B650 motherboards in a few days which aim to deliver much better prices aimed at the mainstream and budget gaming audience.

While the AMD B650E & B650 motherboards don’t launch until the 10th of October, US retailer, B&H, has already listed several MSI B650 motherboards with prices ranging from $199 to $329. These new motherboards include:

These appear to be much better prices than the X670E & X670 motherboards on the market right now. Furthermore, there could be even cheaper variants with prices starting at just $125 US. That has already been confirmed by AMD so expect even better deals once the AMD B650 & B650E line is officially launched. Retailers such as Microcenter are also trying to make high-end Ryzen 7000 & X670E deals attractive by bundling them with a 32 GB DDR5 EXPO memory kit, more on that here.

Going the AMD B650 route means that you will miss out on some features such as you won’t be getting both Gen 5 M.2 and Gen 5 PCIe slots like the B650E & X670E series motherboards. But in return, you will be retaining most of the features and a good set of IO while also having the ability to overclock both CPU and DDR5 EXPO memory. Overall, the MSI B650 motherboards look really great for their prices but it will take proper testing to confirm this which is something we will talk about in our review.

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