C4 Corvette To Be Converted Into An Electric Vehicle By Youtuber

Purchasing a car from Facebook Marketplace may sometimes seem like the best way to get a deal, however risks are always present, and honesty isn’t always something people give when trying to make a quick buck. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what YouTuber Rich Rebuilds went through when he tried to buy a budget C4 Corvette.

It didn’t take long after purchasing the red-on-red Corvette to break down. The first time was just a few minutes after leaving the buying location, while the second time was on a busy freeway where they risked their lives in the emergency lane as they attempted to load the Corvette onto a rollback at night. Naturally, to prevent this from happening again, Rich is going to convert this old C4 into an electric vehicle.

C4 Corvette Electrification Conversion

Making An Electric C4 Corvette On A Budget

Converting an ICE vehicle into an EV is becoming more convenient to do as companies like Chevrolet Performance have been developing eCrate systems that make the conversion seamless (as seen on the E-10 Concept, the electric K5 Blazer, and the more recent Chevrolet eLCamino), while Ford Performance came up with the Eluminator electric crate motor, sans the necessary batteries. Third parties, such as Zero Labs, seek to offer a more integrated EV experience for specific vintage vehicles, namely the original Ford Bronco.

Rich Rebuilds plans on cutting out the middle man, so to speak, and is looking for a way to convert the C4 Corvette into an EV while keeping the entire thing budget-friendly. They hope to use what stashed parts they have on hand to make up a large portion of the build since sourcing two motors for the Corvette conversion likely won’t be very cheap.

If Rich Rebuilds finds an innovative and cheap way to do the conversion, perhaps it will open more doors for people in the future.

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