C8 Corvette Safety Feature Could Make It Easy To Steal

As highlighted by Rick Conti, an extremely popular (yet controversial) Corvette YouTuber, the C8 Corvette Stingray appears to have a glaring vulnerability that could make it a target for thieves under specific circumstances. It has everything to do with a built-in safety feature involving the push-button start process that appears intended for keeping owners from stranding themselves in the event of forgetting their key fob.

C8 Corvette Key Fob Doesn’t Have To Be Present

In the video, Rick Conti steps away from his Corvette while it’s running, walking far enough away that the key shouldn’t be able to communicate with the vehicle. After, his son hops in the car and drives off. We then get to see that Conti’s son can turn the C8 Corvette off, then start it up again even though the key isn’t anywhere nearby. Chevrolet has made it possible for owners to have one restart without the key present, which is of course to keep the absent minded from stranding themselves somewhere, but this safety feature appears to have a concerning tradeoff.

The best solution for this dilemma is to lock your doors when you step away from a running vehicle. The catch is, pressing the lock button from the driver’s door doesn’t keep the doors locked. So, you may think that the car is secure after pressing the button and hearing the click, but it’s actually not. This is meant to be a safety feature on several vehicles to prevent unintentional lockouts from happening.

C8 Corvette Theft Made Easy

Instead, closing the doors and hitting the lock button on the key fob is the best solution to this problem. That is the only way to ensure that the doors stay locked. Some people may think that turning off the car when you’re not in it is the obvious solution, and they aren’t wrong. However, there are legitimate reasons for leaving your vehicle running while you’re away from it.

As is pointed out by Motorious, short trips where the engine doesn’t reach average operating temperature can lead to carbon buildup in the engine, which can cause an assortment of problems later down the line. There’s also the situation where the vehicle’s cabin is freezing, or you need to defrost the windows, which takes some time. People tend to leave the engine running in that situation.

Whatever the reason may be, lock the doors using the key fob instead of the door lock switch on the door to ensure that your doors are locked. Then the only real way a thief can get into the car is by breaking a window, which would draw unwanted attention.

2022 Corvette Stingray 3LT IMSA GTLM Championship Edition
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