Cables from older Apple Watch models won’t deliver fast charging to the Series 7 timepiece

Cables from older Apple Watch models won't deliver fast charging to the Series 7 timepiece

Did you pre-order a new Apple Watch Series 7 timepiece yesterday? Friday is when the tech giant started taking pre-orders for the latest iteration of its smartwatch. Unlike past years, there is no lifesaving health feature added this year although we could see a built-in thermometer next year. Down the road, future versions of the watch could include blood pressure readings and a non-invasive blood sugar sensor.
Besides offering a bigger display (41mm and 45mm making them 1mm taller than the previous model), the Series 7 Apple Watch can charge up to 33% faster delivering an 80% charge in just 45 minutes. According to Gizmodo, to get the battery powering your Apple Watch Series 7 to charge faster, you’ll need the firm’s new USB-C magnetic fast charger. The good news is that the cable is included in the box although it is hard to distinguish it from the cables used on older models so you might consider putting a brightly colored piece of tape around the new one.

Speaking of older Apple Watch charging cables, you will not be able to fast charge your Apple Watch Series 7 using an older charging system. Not that the new timepiece won’t charge with the older charger, but you just won’t get the faster charging time. You can also use the Series 7 charging cable on older versions of the Apple Watch but it will not charge the device any faster than the original cables that came with those models.

Apple does sell the magnetic fast charger for the Series 7 Apple Watch which you can find in the online Apple Store priced at $29 for a cable measuring one-meter (3.3 feet). The new smartwatch will be released this coming Friday, October 15th priced at $399 and up.

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