Calibrate Your Lasers With This DIY Spectroscope

‘Diffraction Spectroscopy’ isn’t a tag that gets much use here at Tom’s Hardware, but we’ve broken it out in celebration of this mighty build from Les Wright, as featured on Hackster: a Python implementation of an optical spectrometer powered by a Raspberry Pi 4.

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The spectroscope at one end of the machine

(Image credit: Les Wright)
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All the parts assembled

(Image credit: Les Wright)
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The spectrum from a florescent tube

(Image credit: Les Wright)

 The business end of the device is a commercial diffraction-grating spectroscope, which has been hacked onto a Raspberry Pi camera module with an M12 thread via a zoomable CCTV camera lens. The Python code on the Pi then analyses the captured spectrum, providing a readout as a graph of wavelengths.

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