CalmiGo smart calming device regulates your breathing to relieve anxiety in 3 minutes » Gadget Flow

Relieve stress naturally with the CalmiGo smart calming device. Using patented technology, it regulates your breathing pattern to relieve stress and anxiety in just three minutes. It can even improve stress, concentration, and sleep by increasing your oxygen levels. Moreover, this smart calming device is a safe, drug-free alternative to other methods and helps you to achieve a calm state of mind. With its portable factor, you can take it on the go, and reach for the CalmiGo to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. In fact, the LED lights guide your breathing to keep you feeling grounded. Using calming scents—including lavender, peppermint, and bergamot—and multi-sensory stimulation, it creates a sense of calm. Overall, get immediate and long-term benefits from anxiety.

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