Campfire Audio Saber hybrid earbuds boast an ergonomic form factor for compact comfort » Gadget Flow

Enjoy extended listening sessions without fatigue when you have the Campfire Audio Saber hybrid earbuds. Boasting an ergonomic design, they provide a fresh and enticing audio session. Moreover, these hybrid earbuds feature an 8 mm dynamic driver for rich, responsive low ends. Plus, the 6 mm dynamic driver provides detailed, relaxed mids. Combined, you’ll receive a rich and engaging experience with razor-sharp highs. Furthermore, the Campfire Audio Saber boasts a machined Damascus steel lid for supreme quality as well as a unique factor. Combined with durable ABS in a striking matte finish, you’ll encounter durable buds that are one of a kind. Finally, the pure copper cable adds a smooth and warm character for seamless connectivity. All the while, the 4 copper conductors ensure optimal sonic performance.

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