Can You Wear An Apple Watch In The Pool & While Swimming?

Apple Watch’s water resistance level does mean the smartwatch can be used in the pool and while swimming, but there are some limitations.

An Apple Watch can be used in the pool and when swimming, but there are some limitations to the smartwatch’s level of water resistance and protection. Understanding these limits can help to ensure there are no issues when the wearable is submerged in water, whether it’s in the shower, the pool, or even the ocean.

Apple’s smartwatches come with plenty of additional features and benefits beyond simply telling the time. In fact, one of the most common advantages of opting for the Apple Watch is the various health and fitness-related features that are on offer. The Apple Watch is a good option for anyone looking to work out, lose weight, or improve their fitness, and this even includes swimming workouts.

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An Apple Watch can be used in the pool or in the ocean and even while swimming. However, this mainly applies to the Apple Watch Series 2 and newer models. While the first-generation Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 1 do come with some level of water resistance, they are not recommended for use while swimming. This is due to the Series 2 and newer models featuring an improved water resistance that allows them to remain protected up to a depth of 50 meters. However, as there is also a depth limit on the newer models, these shouldn’t be used for any activities that could put the wearable in direct contact with a lot of water or at a rapid speed, such as scuba diving and water skiing, Instead, Apple Watch series 2 and newer models are designed to be used for shallow water activities, such as swimming.

What To Know Before Swimming With An Apple Watch

Apple Watch Pool Mode

Besides the fact that an Apple Watch Series 2 and newer models can be taken for a swim, there are some additional points worth being aware of to maximize the experience. The first is that the Watch can actually be used to monitor swimming activity. Just like the wearable can be used for many other fitness sessions, Apple includes Pool Swim and Open Water Swim modes in the Workout app. Once either of these are enabled, the swimmer will be able to get valuable feedback on their session, including calories burned, distance traveled, and so on. For reference, once a swimming workout has started, the watch will enter a locked mode to protect the display from being activated by the water.

Another point to be aware of is that although an Apple Watch is protected from water encounters, water still may get in the watch. To help with this, Apple has a feature that allows the wearer to eject water from the smartwatch again. Besides using Water Lock to clear water from the Apple Watch, it is also generally recommended to wipe the smartwatch (and band) down with a lint-free cloth to clean and dry the wearable after swimming.

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