Capito ‘frustrated,’ says White House ‘kept moving the goalposts’ on infrastructure

In a statement Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that Biden was disappointed that “while he was willing to reduce his plan by more than $1 trillion, the Republican group had increased their proposed new investments by only $150 billion.”

Capito, who had been leading talks for Republicans, said Wednesday that while she thought Biden wanted a bipartisan infrastructure deal deep down, she and the White House never came to an agreement on a definition of infrastructure for the bill. The White House originally put forward a $1 trillion plan over eight years and then backtracked, saying they “didn’t really mean that,” which confused Capito, she said.

Capito said she had told Biden’s camp that they could move forward on infrastructure without increasing taxes, but the White House’s final offer included “many taxes.”

“When they brought the tax hikes before me the last time when I was in the Oval Office, I knew that they weren’t really serious at that point,” Capito said Wednesday.

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