CARAPACES 3D puzzle game incorporates both origami and do-it-yourself sculptures » Gadget Flow

Enjoy a revolutionary 3D puzzle mixing game: the CARAPACES 3D puzzle game. Incorporating origami and DIY sculptures, it’s easy to just clip and create! You’ll get a box of 100 origami pieces that feature 10 different clip-on triangles in white, pink, or anthracite. You can combine them to make 6 different models, or you can even combine different colors in one creation. Made with quality recyclable and durable plastic, this construction game assembles without glue or tools. Simply create existing models using the instruction booklet—or come up with your own creations. You can create everything from animals to sculptures and decorative objects. What’s more, the triangles each have 3 hinges that allow you to craft things like doors and joints. Overall, ideal for anyone ages 14 and up, this game sparks your creativity.

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