Carqon Classic electric family cargo bike has a range of 120 km and a child’s door » Gadget Flow

Take the kiddos for a ride in an eBike on the Carqon Classic electric family cargo bike. This luxurious eBike for families has a range of 120 km, so it’s great for longer trips. And the solid HDPE box has a door that’s easy to open and close. The transport box is also a safe and secure place for children to sit while an adult pedals. In fact, the box boasts three-point safety belts and room for an infant. What’s more, the Bosch engine is lightweight, compact, and super efficient. Additionally, you can even choose between belt or chain gear options. Even better, you get an impressively relaxed cycling experience thanks to the Carqon’s low center of gravity. Furthermore, the braking system is comparable to mountain bikes and speed pedelecs, letting you hit the road confidently. Finally, this eBike features lighting from the Axendo range from Spanniga for ideal visibility.

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