CDC Says if You Need a Mask After Vaccination

If the pandemic is over, no one told COVID-19. The Delta variant of the virus is “more transmissible” and responsible for rising cases in certain areas in America. The World Health Organization just recommended everyone wear masks after vaccination. And Los Angeles County said the same. So what should you do? Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), went on Good Morning America yesterday to offer some guidance. Read on for five pieces of key advice—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these Sure Signs You Have “Long” COVID and May Not Even Know It.

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Walensky was asked if Los Angeles was “overreacting.” “Let’s go to the WHO and say that the WHO really does have to make recommendations for an entire world,” said Walensky, “where less than 15% of people are vaccinated. And oftentimes some of those people have only had access to a single dose. Many countries around the world are continuing to see surges in the absence of vaccination. So the context in which the WHO is making the recommendations is very different than us here in the United States, where we’re really lucky to have three very effective vaccines and about two thirds of the adult population now, fully vaccinated.” She did say there was a “but”….keep reading.

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“We have always said that this virus is an opportunist and in areas where we still have rates of low vaccination, that is where the virus is likely to take hold, we are still seeing uptick in cases, in areas of low vaccination,” said Walensky. That means states like Mississippi and Louisiana might see trouble ahead. “And in that situation, we are suggesting that policies be made at the local level.”

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Walensky was asked if the requirement to wear masks on public transportation would end any time soon. “You know, right now is we’re starting to see the Delta variant take hold here in the United States. We’re certainly looking at these policies, but I don’t expect that to change anytime soon,” she said.

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“We’ve been through an extraordinarily difficult 15 months, 16 months,” said Walensky. “And I think we have a lot to be thankful for come July 4th, as we look at how far we’ve come since January, since we’ve had so much stuff, so many surges, and so much sickness—but this is a dial and not a switch.” If you are vaccinated: “People can take off their masks and celebrate July 4th and feel safe in doing so see each other smile again. And then we’re really going to have to continue the hard work that we are doing to get people vaccinated. And for those who are not to continue to protect them with mask squaring and distancing because of this Delta variant.”

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Follow the public health fundamentals and help end this pandemic, no matter where you live—wear a face mask that fits snugly and is double layered, don’t travel, social distance, avoid large crowds, don’t go indoors with people you’re not sheltering with (especially in bars), practice good hand hygiene, get vaccinated when it becomes available to you, and to protect your life and the lives of others, don’t visit any of these 35 Places You’re Most Likely to Catch COVID.

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