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Reach for the CEFALY Dual Migraine Device the next time you have an agonizing headache or want to stop one from forming in the first place. It sends electric impulses to the trigeminal nerve in the head to prevent and treat pain. Apply this neurostimulator to your forehead as an alternative to medication for all-day relief. The Dual Migraine Device eases migraines in 60 minutes, and it’s safe to use multiple times a day for up to 2 hours each session. It includes 2 settings—Acute and Existing Prevention—offering 20-minute and 1-hour use based on your pain intensity. Best of all, with daily 20-minute preventative treatment sessions, you can reduce the intensity and frequency of your migraine symptoms. Overall, this migraine treatment device works for up to 20 applications, making it a great investment.

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