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(Pocket-lint) – When you’re riding on your motorcycle or bike, you might be concerned about the safety of your smartphone. If you don’t mount your smartphone carefully, it might fall off when the road gets bumpy, making it crack or stop working. And if the smartphone isn’t encased in a durable, strong phone case, it might get damaged when the weather changes or during particularly bumpy and uneven terrains.

Rokform has specifically designed a range of rugged phone mounts and cases for motorcyclists and cyclists. You can now keep your smartphone in sight using Rokform’s phone mounts while ensuring they won’t fall off or get damaged. Made using high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum, their phone mounts can withstand the harshest terrains while allowing you to record your adventurous activities.

This article describes what makes Rokform’s motorcycle phone mounts and cases unique.

Rokform’s Phone Mounts for Motorcyclists and Cyclists

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No risk of the smartphone falling out of the pocket or the saddlebag

Rokform’s phone mounts are designed for optimal stability in the roughest terrains. They use numerous features to ensure your smartphone remains firmly mounted, including the patented RokLock mounting technology, the RokSafe magnet, and an optional Rockford lanyard for additional safety. Between these features, there’s no risk of your smartphone falling out.

Find the perfect viewing angle with an optimal range of motion

Rokform’s phone mounts provide optimal adjustability. You can move the phone mounts up and down or side-to-side until you find the ideal viewing angle, according to your specific preferences. The phone mounts offer an optimal range of motion, so you get the perfect viewing angle every time, allowing you to watch media or follow maps while riding.

Made using aircraft-grade products to withstand the roughest use

Rokform’s phone mounts have been designed using the strongest and most durable products to withstand the toughest daily use. They are CNC machined from 6061 T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum, an ultra-strong yet feather-light (1 ounce) material. Whether riding down bumpy country roads or riding in rainstorms, your phone will be safe.

Suitable for all motorcycles and bikes – handlebar or perch mount

Rokform’s phone mounts are designed to be highly adjustable. You can install the phone mount to your bike’s handlebar or perch or replace the top cap of your bike’s 1 1/8″ threadless tube for installation. The universal phone mount can be attached to handlebars between 7/8 to 1.15 inches, which covers all bikes.

Rokform’s Phone Cases for Motorcyclists and Cyclists

Heavy-duty phone cases that pass the military standard drop test

Rokform’s phone cases offer superior protection for all smartphones while riding motorcycles or bikes. They are made using durable, heavy-duty, yet lightweight materials and they’re tested using the military standard case drop test, proving they can withstand drops. Rokform’s phone cases keep your smartphones protected in the harshest conditions.

Multiple layers of heavy-duty protection for all smartphones

Rokform’s phone cases have been designed using multiple layers of heavy-duty protection – not just one. The iPhone cases are made from Polycarbonate and TPU rubber, making the cases soft, durable, and ultra-stable. Furthermore, the TPU rubber prevents the smartphone case from degrading and can withstand smashes, drops, and falls.

Matte finish to prevent your phone case from developing scratches

Rokform’s phone cases are designed with a matte or soft finish, ensuring no visible scratches and scuffs on the surface. This feature is particularly important for motorcyclists and cyclists. No case is completely impervious to scratches, but a matter finish reduces the prominence or visibility of the scratches, making them seem intentional.

Raised edges protect your phone screen when placed face down

Rokform’s phone cases are designed with raised edges, essential for all smartphone cases. Most of us place our smartphones face down on the table. A raised edge protects your smartphone screen from damage when placed face down, preventing water residue from entering the phone.

Stick your smartphone to any magnetic surface 

Rokform’s phone cases feature the unique Neodymium magnet, which allows you to stick the smartphone to any magnetic surface. Beyond stabilizing your smartphone, the magnetic feature provides an additional layer of mountability, especially when used with Rokform’s motorcycle phone mounts. This feature will also simplify your life on a daily basis.

Multiple styles available – Crystal, Rugged, and Fuzion 

Rokform’s phone cases are available in numerous styles, including the Crystal Case, Rugged Case, and Fuzion Case. The Crystal Case uses ultra-light technology and features a slim design, so it doesn’t feel bulky; the Rugged Case is ideal for accident-prone people; the Fuzion Case offers six layers of protection for optimal comfort and durability.

Rokform designs some of the most durable and effective phone mounts and cases meant specifically for adventurers, travelers, motorcyclists, and cyclists. If you fit into any of these categories or simply want an ultra-durable phone mount or case, you should definitely consider these Rokform phone mounts and cases.

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