Chef who worked at the Elysee Palace reveals secrets of the job

Chef who spent 25 years at the helm of The Élysée Palace kitchen reveals the Queen’s passion for French cuisine and Brigitte Macron’s request for TEN portions of fruit and veg a day

  • Guillaume Gomez has been chef of Elysee Palace’s kitchen since 1997 in Paris 
  • Worked under four presidents, including Emmanuel Macron before quitting job
  • He claimed the Queen told him she loved going to France because of the food 

A chef who used to be the head of the Elysee Palace’s kitchen in Paris has revealed the secrets of his 25-year-long career. 

Award-winning chef Guillaume Gomez, 42, cooked for four presidents and their guests at the Elysee Palace presidential residence after he was hired by the late president Jacques Chirac in 1997. 

After the Chirac presidency, Guillaume went on to work for presidents Nicolas Sarkozy, Francois Hollande and Emmanuel Macron and prepared thousands of meals, reception menus and state dinners, something preparing feasts for up to 600 guests at a day’s notice.  

Speaking to French magazine Madame Figaro, Guillaume, who has now moved on from his position, revealed secrets from his 25-year-long career. 

Guillaume revealed he met the Queen, who said she loved travelling to France due to the country’s gastronomy.   

Guillaume Gomez, 42, pictured, was the head chef of the Elysee Palace from 1997 to 2021 and cooked for four French president. He’s revealed secrets of the job in an interview 

Guillaume said he was aware of how lucky he had been to share ‘special moments’ with the French heads of state over the years. 

He also said he met the Queen during a visit to Buckingham Palace with the International organisation Le Club des Chefs, which promotes diplomacy through cooking. 

‘The monarch described to me the joy she felt every time she came to France, thanks to the warm welcome she received and the delicacies she was treated to during her visits,’ he said. 

At home, the chef was faced with quirky requests from guests and the dietary preferences from each and everyone. 

Guillaume said he met the Queen, who told him she loved travelling to France, where she was always well received and treated to delicious foods. Pictured: the Queen on July 8 2021 on the set of Coronation Street 

The first lady Brigitte Macron is rumoured to have told him she wanted to eat ten vegetables and fruits per day – double the recommended amount. 

‘There were never meltdowns. We serve people who have big responsibilities. The presidents and their guests are generally working during these meals,’ he said.  

‘But sometimes, some requests can be quirky. For instance, when the French football team came to the Palace after the 2018 World Cup, we had to prepare an aperitivo for them.’ 

Brigitte Macron likes to eat 10 seasonal vegetables and fruits a day to keep her slim figure, it was reported 

When the team ended up staying for dinner, Guillaume and his team had to make things work in an instant.   

Guillaume is no stranger to these last-minute changes and admitted there were many times where official dinners would be cancelled and he’d had to cook for the president in charge in his hotel room.  

He also said he was once asked to prepare a feast for 600 guests with less than 24 hours notice, which ‘made for an active day’ following the Paris Attacks of 2015, when world leaders came to Paris to show their support.  

Guillaume, pictured, who has now left the Elysee, was part of the Club des Chef, an organisation dating back to 1977, which sees the chef of world leaders meet and enhance international cooperation through gastronomy 

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