Chevrolet Camaro Discounts Are Available If You Can Find One

The Chevrolet Camaro and its Lansing Grand River Assembly plant have been beleaguered by ongoing supply chain shortages, leading to on/off/on-again/off-again production cadences over the past two years. In doing so, inventories on the Camaro remain very thin, and is a contributor as to why sales have bottomed out. However, there’s still money on the hood for the Camaro, and the details on that are just below.

2021 And 2022 Chevrolet Camaro Have April Discount Details

Whether buyers want to purchase the Chevrolet Camaro in cash, finance, or lease, there’s a deal out there. According to CarBuzz, those ready to drop the total amount for a 2021 or 2022 Camaro Coupe will be happy to see a $750 discount available. However, there’s a catch, only current owners or leases of a 2008 model-year or newer vehicle get the discount. So while a $750 deal doesn’t sound like a drastic amount of money, it would bring the price down on a base Camaro to $24,250.


If you’re better suited to financing, both ’21 and ’22 Camaro Coupe models are privy to interest-free financing for two years, but to qualify for this, financing must be done through GM financial. Lastly, those keener on leasing a vehicle will find an excellent deal facing them.

California buyers can gain access to a V8-powered LT1 Coupe with the 10-speed automatic transmission for just $249/month for 39 months. The extremely low mileage lease is capped at 10,000 miles per year. While it doesn’t require a security deposit, $3,349 is required at signing. As for the cash purchase deals, there’s a $750 discount for the current owner or leases of a 2008 model year or newer vehicle when financing or leasing.

All of these offers are valid until May 2, 2022, and if you want to obtain this deal, you also need to take delivery by that date as well. Nevertheless, these discounts offer a great initiative to stir up sales and will likely help clear up old inventory before the 2023 Camaro muscle cars enter production in early June.

2022 Camaro in Rapid Blue. Image via Chevrolet

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