Chevrolet Camaro Drivers Shut Down New Jersey Turnpike Bridge

Unfortunately, it only takes a few people to ruin it for everybody else, like those seen in the Chevrolet Camaro muscle cars in the video below. What possessed these idiots that this was a good idea or cool thing to do is beyond our comprehension, as these stunts do the car enthusiast community far more harm than good (you don’t think legislators aren’t going to look at autonomous vehicle mandates as a way to prevent this in the future? Because it’s only a matter of time).

It’s been a thing for years that night racers or showoffs do this in California a lot. And recently it has been happening in Detroit more and more. With one such event shutting down traffic on I-94 heading in and out of Detroit, in a, you guessed it, a Chevrolet Camaro.

I guess you can give it to the group of people staging the event in Detroit, at least they waited till nighttime, but that still doesn’t earn them any extra points of any kind, except stupid points. But doing this type of activity in the middle of the day on the New Jersey Turnpike just takes stupid to a whole other level.

Chevrolet Camaro New Jersey NJ Turnkpike Bridge Shut Down Video

Street racing has always been a thing in the US, and it will always stay a thing as long as there is something to race. But you have to think, these Camaro guys aren’t even true automotive enthusiasts, because their intentions are to be a menace and to appear as some type of threat to the community, and we don’t know any cool automotive enthusiasts like that.

If the authorities have not caught up with them for this particular event, you can believe they will if they do it again. I’d imagine there were enough call-ins to 911 from concerned, confused, and pissed-off drivers that these antics will get tougher for them to get away with in the future, not to mention the silver Chevrolet Camaro doing the donuts is a little more distinctive-looking than the rest.

It’s unfortunate that any of us automotive enthusiasts and just regular drivers alike have to share the road with these dangerous drivers. Maybe it’s time we start forcing people to take a common-sense test at the DMV before you can title Camaros, Mustangs, Hellcats, or any other cars for that matter.

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