Chinese Xindong Fenghua GPU with GDDR6X Takes on AMD and Nvidia

After the fall of Matrox Graphics, S3 Graphics, and XGI in the mid-2000s, no companies have competently challenged AMD and Nvidia in the field of discrete graphics cards for PCs. But with the rise of special-purpose-datacenter GPUs, mining GPUs, and gaming, numerous rivals for the two mighty GPU designers emerged. For example, this week Chinese company Xindong Technology announced its Fenghua GPU aimed at gaming PCs and datacenters. 

Xindong may not be a household name, but it seems to be a very ambitious GPU developer from China that wants to compete against considerably bigger players. The company recently successfully tested its first Fenghua No. 1 graphics processing unit developed entirely in-house and then designed by Innosilicon, a contract chip designer. 

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