Chirp Wheel Pro massage wheel alleviates back pain and tension and increases blood flow » Gadget Flow

Use the Chirp Wheel Pro vibrating massage wheel for a host of health benefits. It soothes back pain and tension while improving your range of motion. Make the most of this vibrating massage wheel before and after workouts to help you warm up better and recover faster. Moreover, with 3 different vibration options to deeply massage trigger points and reduce back pain, it’s perfect for everyone. The Chirp Wheel Pro boasts and 8-inch diameter and a 5-inch width to fit perfectly between your shoulder blades. In fact, its design allows you to target hard-to-reach knots along the spine. Furthermore, it offers a 2-hour battery life, so you can enjoy long, relaxing sessions any time of the day. Finally, available in 2 colors—Black and Mint—there’s an aesthetic to suit your tastes. Overall, release tight muscle knots wherever and whenever you need to with this gadget.

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