Chord Electronics Mojo 2 Premium Leather Case protects the Mojo 2 and provides a snug fit » Gadget Flow

Cushion your Mojo 2 all day with the Chord Electronics Mojo 2 Premium Leather Case. Built to protect, it offers a snug fit to hug your gadget, offering protection on the go and during storage. In fact, it’s ideal to place in your backpack and pocket during transportation without noticing it. Moreover, this leather case also provides unrestricted access to your device’s twin 3.5 mm headphone mini-jack outputs and controls. Furthermore, this case, which is available in black, only weighs 24 grams, making it lightweight to take with you. Finally, it boasts an impressive design, thanks to the high-quality black, smooth leather and contrasting red stretching detail. Plus, the large logo on the front positioned diagonally adds a luxury, standout finish.

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