Clean Fusion DIY infusion kit makes infused oils and drinks

Do you enjoy complex flavors and—even better—making them yourself? Then the Clean Fusion DIY infusion kit is what you want to add to your next dinner party prep plan. It helps you craft infused oils, coffee, milk, and more with pretty much any flavor you can imagine. Want to drizzle your popcorn with homemade chili oil? Read this blog post to find out how you can make it yourself.

Take your cooking hobby to a whole new level with the Clean Fusion DIY infusion kit. This home infusion kit makes it easy to infuse pretty much anything with its sous vide-style infusion chamber. It’s a kitchen gadget that will have you crafting gourmet level with no stress.

You love hosting dinner parties and putting a creative twist on the food you serve. So you’re always on the lookout for new ways to take your recipes one step further. The Clean Fusion does that for you. This cool kitchen gadget imbues staples like olive oil, coffee, milk, and sprits with extra flavor from herbs, spices, and fruit.

Get limitless flavor possibilities

Want to brew a turmeric-infused coffee? Or what about saffron-scented olive oil? Your creativity is really the only limit with this home infusion kit. And that’s exactly what the creators have in mind. They hope to give home cooks the tools they need to enhance their cooking. All you need to do is select a flavor and a liquid.

Infuse your favorite ingredients in 3 easy steps

Sure, you could scour your home for appropriate jars, guess about how to prepare the ingredients, and set your jar in the pantry for a month while you wait for the flavor to infuse. But the Clean Fusion walks you through each step of the infusion process, so you can be sure you’ve done everything correctly.

The process consists of just three steps. First, you prepare your ingredients and place them in the sleeve. Then, you pour your liquid into the cylinder, close the lid, and put the entire cylinder into the tank. You can then work on other things while the sous vide circulates warm water around the chamber. And to really multitask, you can even put a vacuum-sealed bag of food into the tank at the same time, making your dinner prep a breeze.

This home infusion kit makes it easy to create your own infused oils, coffee, and more
Clean Fusion components on a countertop

Choose a durable infusion set

So many high-end kitchen gadgets work great the first three or four uses. But if their components are made from low-quality materials, the gadget breaks down quickly. That won’t be the case with this home infusion kit. Its pieces feature high-quality materials and are durable. Let’s have a look at them.

Your Clean Fusion power pack comes with a Steel Flower Pod, a Silicone Prep Sleeve, a Silicone Infusion Chamber, and a bonus coffee filter kit. The silicone and steel materials ensure you get long-term use from this product. Meanwhile, these handy components are simple to use with the infusion process.

 Clean Fusion DIY infusion kit
Clean Fusion in water

Select your add-ons

To increase your Clean Fusion’s efficiency, go for some of the add-ons. They include the Sous Vide Circulator, Sous Vide Tank, and Extra Infusion Chamber. The Sous Vide Circulator moves gently heated water around your infusion chamber, while the stylish Sous Vide Tank is the ideal size for holding your Infusion Chamber and Circulator. Finally, the Extra Infusion Chamber lets you make cold brew and infused milk at the same time.

This home infusion kit makes it easy to create your own infused oils, coffee, and more Clean Fusion DIY infusion kit
Clean Fusion with a water pitcher

Save money with this infusion machine

Store-bought garlic-infused dipping oil can get expensive. So can your favorite berry-infused vodka. According to the company’s Kickstarter page, a bottle of garlic olive oil from the grocery store sets you back around $5.99. But if you make your own garlic olive oil with the Clean Fusion, the process only costs $1. This is a huge saving. Best of all, the ingredients that you infuse yourself taste better since you control the freshness and quality of the materials.

This home infusion kit makes it easy to create your own infused oils, coffee, and more Clean Fusion DIY infusion kit
Clean Fusion with coffee

Drink delicious cold-brew coffee with this DIY infuser kit

Think you can only drink cold-brew coffee at the coffee shop? With this home infusion kit, you can brew your favorite coffee drink right at home. It’s easy. During the preparation phase, simply pour your coffee straight into the cylinder, and add in your water. The bonus Coffee Filter Kit filters up to one liter of cold-brew coffee so you won’t have to deal with a coffee grind mess.

This home infusion kit makes it easy to create your own infused oils, coffee, and more Clean Fusion DIY infusion kit
Clean Fusion with the Water Circulator

Make your home your new favorite place to eat

You love restaurants. But for you, the most satisfying meals are the ones you create yourself. And, when you can concoct a coconut-infused iced coffee or Kumquat-scented cocktails, you might find that your home serves the best food around. And so will all your friends. You’ll impress yourself and others with the flavors you invent with the Clean Fusion.

Complex spirits, coffees, and other beverages really can become a regular, effortless part of your cooking repertoire with the Clean Fusion. This easy-to-use cooking gadget lets you enhance the flavor of your favorite ingredients in three easy steps. The set features high-quality, durable materials and even makes cold-brew coffee. Plus, the add-ons make the process simple. If you’re looking for a way to take your cooking creativity to the next level, this product is it.

The Clean Fusion DIY infusion kit typically costs $106.97. You can preorder it for $82.09 on Kickstarter.

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