Clever hacks to speed up painting a wall

As DIY jobs go, painting gets a bit of a bad rap.

It’s messy, physically demanding and can take ages if your walls aren’t straight, or if you have a large surface area to cover.

But a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any space and make your home feel brand new. So, it is worth the effort. And it doesn’t have to take as long as you think.

When embarking on a new DIY paint project, there are different steps to consider, especially if you want to speed up the drying process. We asked Tobie Lewis, senior brand manager at Valspar Paint, to share his expert tips for saving you time on your next paint job:

Wall by wall

‘One of the best ways to ensure the paint dries quickly, is by painting one wall at a time for each coat –  essentially painting another wall while the coat on the first wall dries, therefore making the most out of your time,’ says Tobie.

Air flow

Tobie explains that making sure there is good air circulation in the relevant area is key to help speed up the drying process.

‘If the weather is OK (and not raining), leave as many doors and windows open as possible,’ he says. ‘If you have them, leave your ceiling fans on too which can help.’

Don’t go too heavy

Another tip Tobie suggests is to keep your coats light.

So, rather than slathering on thick amounts of paint each time you do a new coat, try approaching it with a lighter touch. In the long-run you will still get the same amount of coverage, and the job should be finished quicker.

‘This will allow the paint to dry faster, which is ideal if you’re on a tight time schedule,’ adds Tobie.

Stick the heating on

‘Obviously gas prices are going up right now, and we’re all trying to be as economical as possible, but if you’re desperate to finish your paint job, turning up the heat in your home will seriously help the paint dry quicker,’ says Tobie.

But this should probably only be used in desperate measures to ensure your energy bills aren’t negatively impacted.

Shop your kit

What you’ll need

  • Paint (obviously)
  • Professional Roller & Extendable Pole, £16.50
  • Five paint roller sleeve set, £8
  • Plastic paint tray, £2
  • Disposable roller tray inserts, £3.70
  • Masking tape, £2.50
  • Sugar soap powder, £5

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