Clues Matt James & Rachael Kirkconnell Are Still Together

Clues seem to show that The Bachelor alums Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell are together. Find out why some people think they’re dating.

There are many clues that seem to indicate that The Bachelor alums Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell are still together. The pair met on the most recent season of the reality series. Both seemed smitten from the very start. Rachael was the first and only woman Matt said “I love you” to. However, their relationship took a turn for the worse when some information about her past started to surface online.

Rachael was dragged after photos of her attending an Antebellum-themed college party appeared on the Internet. In the pictures, she was wearing a Native American headdress. At first, Matt thought it was all just a rumor. Then, Rachael admitted to everything. At that point, he decided to end the relationship. During the After the Final Rose special with host Emmanuel Acho, Matt hoped that Rachael would work to be a better ally to the BIPOC community. He did not see himself continuing a relationship with her. Now, there are hints that his opinion may have changed.

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The first clue that led viewers to believe that 29-year-old Matt was still seeing 24-year-old Rachael was how supportive he was after the scandal broke. Matt did not speak his truth until Chris Harrison was interviewed by Rachel Lindsay. Harrison supported Rachael Kirkconnell despite her past wrongdoing. Chris seemed to be dismissive of racism and racism is an issue that has been part of the conversation about the franchise for several years. Plenty of fans believe that Matt felt forced by his BIPOC audience to break up with Rachael. Matt was visibly heartbroken during ATFR. He clearly still had feelings for Rachael. It seemed like Matt and Rachael might be willing to give their relationship another shot.

Recently, Matt said that he will be putting dating on the back burner. He scrubbed The Bachelor from his Instagram bio and stated that he wanted to focus on doing meaningful work in the community. He wanted to be who he was before he became the show’s leading man. However, some new information has surfaced regarding Matt and Rachael’s relationship. Insider Reality Steve revealed on his Twitter account that Matt and Rachael were together in New York City. Following his update, popular Instagram gossip page Deuxmoi shared several blurry photos of a pair who appeared to be the couple. In the shots, a couple was walking arm in arm on the NYC streets.

While the couple has commented on the rumors about their relationship, many clues point to them being back together. Matt and Rachael weren’t able to give their relationship a fair chance once filming wrapped. Rachael’s past caught up with her and was an obstacle in their relationship. Now, it seems like The Bachelor stars are on better terms and giving the relationship a real chance.

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