COGO Smart Bird House attracts bird visitors and records videos of your feathered friends » Gadget Flow

Invite birds into your garden easily with the COGO Smart Bird House. This smart house features a camera to automatically record videos and snap pictures of your feathered friends that you can watch in real time or play back later. Thanks to the 1,080p HD camera, which boasts a 120-degree wide-angle lens, it’s perfectly placed to exhibit birds in their natural element. It even features night mode. Moreover, build a portfolio of your collection to share with friends and family. So you can look back and identify certain species. This house even features a two-way microphone to deter thieving squirrels or hear chirps to bring an essence of nature anywhere. Above all, this house also helps you to attract more bird visitors. It provides plenty of space for them to rest and for you to lay down seeds. Finally, its long battery life and power-saving mode help to preserve usage.

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