‘Colonial mindset blatantly visible’: MEA slams BBC documentary on PM Modi | India News

NEW DELHI: External affairs ministry on Thursday slammed a recent BBC documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling it a “propaganda piece designed to push a particular discredited narrative.”
“The bias, lack of objectivity and continuing colonial mindset are blatantly visible,” external affairs ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said.
The spokesperson said there is an agenda behind the documentary, which questions PM Modi‘s leadership during the 2002 Gujarat riots.
“Do note that this has not been screened in India … We think that this is a propaganda piece, designed to push a particular discredited narrative,” Bagchi told reporters during a media briefing.

He said that the documentary is a reflection on the agency and individuals that are “peddling this narrative” again.
“It makes us wonder about the purpose of this exercise and the agenda behind it. Frankly, we don’t wish to dignify such efforts,” the ministry said.
The BBC has been under fire for its two-part series called “India: The Modi Question” on BBC Two.
Indian-origin users on Twitter reacted angrily to the series, with one suggesting the BBC should run a series on the Bengal Famine called “UK: The Churchill Question”.
Another said the BBC should focus on UK problems given Britain has fallen behind India on almost parameters. “One thing Indians hate more than all their problems is being told by outsiders, specially past colonisers,” another wrote.
Earlier, Lord Rami Ranger, a member of House of Lords of UK Parliament, slammed BBC over the series.
Condemning the biased reporting of BBC, he tweeted, “@BBCNews You have caused a great deal of hurt to over a billion Indians It insults a democratically [email protected] Indian Police & the Indian judiciary. We condemn the riots and loss of life & also condemn your biased reporting.”

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