Cooler Master Orb X gaming workstation has a motorized shuttle dome for full immersion » Gadget Flow

Take gaming immersion to a whole new level with the Cooler Master Orb X gaming workstation. This gaming work desk boasts a fully automated motorized shuttle dome for focus and privacy. So it’s great for both gamers and professionals. In fact, all it takes is a single touch to activate the dome and enter a realm of games. What’s more, you’ll feel comfortable sitting in the ergonomic adjustable chair since it provides 6 lumbar and headrest positions. There’s even a footrest, letting you elevate your legs as you play. Additionally, the multiple screen mount supports up to 3 27-inch monitors. Now that’s an incredible workstation. Plus, the 2.1 immersive sound system delivers an unbelievable spatial audio experience. Finally, this gaming workstation has a hidden compartment with a built-in sliding tray for your PC rig or console.

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