Coravin Timeless Three SL wine bottle opener and preserver locks in wine’s freshness » Gadget Flow

Lock in wine’s freshness for weeks, months, and even years with the Coravin Timeless Three SL wine bottle opener and preserver. Featuring the Coravin Pure Capsules with 99.99% ultra-pure argon gas, this accessory preserves flavor. Furthermore, this wine accessory pours a 5-ounce pour of wine with a Standard Needle in 25–29 seconds. The Standard Needle inserts into the cork in a new place every time for maximum freshness. As a result, you can open a bottle of wine and then return to it a long while later. Moreover, this wine bottle opener and preserver has an ergonomic handle for a large gripping area to pour wine effortlessly. And the SmartClamps allow you to insert your Coravin System in 1 quick, firm push.

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