CORKY X sunglasses-mounted rearview mirror lets you see traffic behind you when cycling » Gadget Flow

Preserve your aerodynamics while easily seeing approaching traffic from behind with the CORKY X sunglasses-mounted rearview mirror. Designed to allow you to look behind you without physically glancing over your shoulder as you cycle, this accessory could be lifesaving. It sits at the very corner of your visual periphery to not block your view of the road ahead. In fact, it fits right on your spectacles/sunglasses. And it has an aesthetic that looks rather familiar if you’re a tech enthusiast. Moreover, it comes with a universally retrofittable design. Simply attach it to any piece of eyewear securely, comfortably, and in mere seconds. The product’s weight, form factor, aerodynamics, and functionality play a critical role in ensuring it works flawlessly without failing or causing an accident. Its lightweight 14-gram design doesn’t cause your glasses to tilt. Finally, minimal-tolerance assembly prevents vibrations as you ride on rough terrain.

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