Coronavirus: After 10 days in Surat hospital, 15-day-old dies | India News

SURAT: A 15-day-old girl who had tested positive for Covid-19 died on Thursday after being hospitalised in Surat for nearly 10 days. The infant had tested positive on April 6. According to doctors, the infant experienced respiratory distress at birth and was put on formula feed. Her mother breastfed her for the first time on April 5 as her health improved. The hospital had been planning to discharge her the next day, but her health again deteriorated, officials said.
An X-ray revealed that she had developed a chest infection, following which a test showed she was Covid-positive. On April 7, she had difficulty breathing, prompting doctors to put her on a ventilator and give a Remdesivir injection. Her condition improved slightly after being administered plasma twice, but she died on Thursday.

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