Corsair Launches New Gen 4 SSD with 7,100 MBps Read Speeds

Corsair is releasing a newly upgraded version of the MP600 Pro called the MP600 Pro XT. This new Gen 4 NVMe SSD can reach up to 7,100 MBps in sequential read speeds and up to 6800 MBps in sequential write speeds. The MP600 Pro XT will be available in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB flavors, with a starting price tag of $199.99 for the 1TB model, $399.99 for 2TB and $989.99 for the 4TB option.

Corsair MP600 Pro XT

(Image credit: Corsair)

The SSD will come with a newly refreshed matte-black heatsink outfitted with eight tall heatsink fins to deal with the higher heat output generated by the MP600 Pro XT’s very high speeds. The heatsink is taller than the original MP600 with a height of 19 mm, so it would be best to ensure your M.2 slots are located in spacious areas that won’t cause the SSD to interfere with any other hardware, especially on mini ITX setups.

MP600 PRO XT Hydro X Edition

(Image credit: Corsair)

Optionally the MP600 Pro XT can be bought with a water block, called the MP600 Pro XT Hydro X Edition. This variant comes in 2TB and 4TB models for $10-$25 extra. If you already have the air-cooled version, you can mount Corsair’s Hydro X Series XM2 Water Block instead.

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